A well-designed irrigation system will result in a lush green lawn that you can be proud of. Such a system can also save money on watering costs and property maintenance.

An irrigation system professionally designed and installed by Green Grass Outdoor Services will be sure to provide the best coverage and even distribution. Our extensive work in the west metro has given us lots of experience with utilizing lake pump systems. Whether your water source is city water, well systems, and pump systems from lakes, ponds and rivers we will make the system as efficient as possible.

We will also handle any necessary permit processing.

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Irrigation Service

You want your system to work and your grass to be green, we get that. You are too busy to worry about your sprinkler system. We do our best to make service calls as convenient as possible.

Green Grass Outdoor Services will service irrigation systems even if we didn't install them. Our experience will keep your system running at its best.

We understand you expect your system to work well. We also understand that sometimes accidents happen. From a small leak to a major break we are always just a phone call away.


Start-ups & Blow-outs

We Minnesotans, we get pretty excited for spring. Green Grass Outdoor Services is eager to get systems up and running for the growing season.


During the start-up service, we will make sure your entire system is ready for the season.  This service is offered to ensure the system operates properly for the entire season. The start-up includes making sure all parts are re-installed on the backflow so the system may be pressurized. Once that is completed we are ready to turn the water on and work our way through all of the zones. We make certain each head comes up, operate properly, and is adjusted correctly. We will make any needed repairs (heads that met the plow for example) and program the controller.


Due to the extreme cold we can experience here in Minnesota it is crucial that your system be professionally blown out before the temps dip below freezing.

Failure to do so may result in water freezing within your system causing severe damage to the system and lead to costly repairs.


We're Here to Help You Enjoy Your Yard!

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